Gold Body Jewelry Artists®24K Gold Facial Mask &24K Gold Tattoos
Frequently asked questions
1.How do I apply my Skin Jewels?
Clean skin with water and neutral soap and then dry completely. Remove the jewel carefully from the transparent plastic support. Position the product on the desired area, the gold side onto the skin. Gently press the entire jewel. Moisten the paper with a wet cloth and wait 30 seconds. Carefully remove the paper and let the jewel dry thoroughly.
2.How long will Skin Jewels last?
Your Skin Jewel will last between 5 and 7 days.
3.How do I remove my tattoo?
If you desire to remove the jewel, the use of an alcohol based, clinically tested detergent is recommended.
4.Are they really 24 Karat gold?
The gold tattoos are 24 karat gold the silver are pure silver. Even though materials are so precious, technology makes them affordable, permitting the fixing of noble metals in very thin films.

5.Can I apply a Skin Jewel anywhere on my body?
Do not apply onto delicate and sensitive areas such as eyes or genitals.
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6.How to use and enjoy our 24K Gold Mask
All skin types benefit from this uniquely stimulating and soothing application.  No additional instruments or tools are needed 
and salons, retreats and all beauty professionals can continue using  their approved products in Gold Body Gold Leaf 24 K. 
The steps for this luxurious, relaxing and healing massage are very simple: After cleaning the skin , please apply a cream 
or lotion suitable for the skin type.  Then Gold Leaf is applied to the cream or lotion. 
No technical equipment is needed our 24K gold leaves are slightly pressed to tissue paper and can be taken by your hands.      A gently massage will clear the gold away - just a small amount of residue will stay on the skin. 


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